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Geeky gifts for non-geeks

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Here’s what I’m getting my (non-geeky) family and friends for christmas.

MaKey MaKey

The video explains it all really, the Makey Makey is a very easy to use thingamabob that lets you replace a computer keyboard with anything that conducts electricity.

LadyAda coloring book

Why settle for a normal colouring book when you can sneak in some geeky vocabulary in there. E is for Elecontronics is both fun and educational.

And if you want crayons to go with the set, I reccomend this one which have super cute and awesome chemical names: crayons

Bare Conductive Card set

bare conductive christmas cards

For the sort of people who like to do scrapbooking or make their own cards, add a bit more bling with this Bare Conductive LED Xmas card set. Bare Conductive does paint that conducts electricity, which can be used on loads of materials, not just paper/cardboard.

Lego creationary

Lego creationary

One of my favourite family friendly board games, it’s like pictionary but instead of drawing you have to build it in lego. Available from the likes of amazon, argos, waterstones etc.

Makie Doll with brains

makie doll electronics can fit inside the head

Makie Dolls let you design your own doll, but the coolest bit is the head has room for electronics, and can easily fit a lilypad arduino kit so you can also program your doll :D


What to get the person who has everything? Sugru is the perfect answer. I belive everyone would benefit from some sugru in their lives. I’m getting this for my parents, aunt, uncle, cousins, grandma ++